by The Beardly Writer


How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss.


There never seems to be enough of it.

We live in a three dimensional world. The computer on which I type has height, width, and depth. Three dimensions with which to interact.

But time.

We only get one dimension of time.

It never slows. It never stops. You can’t stop to study a particular moment because as soon as you do that moment is gone. Too late. Three more moments whiz by before you realize you’ve just wasted four moments you’ll never get back. You’re older and none the wiser.

When you’re in a hurry time seems to speed up. When you’re bored it can drag on forever. But it’s not time. It’s you.

Time gets away from us. We lose track of it. Try to find it. Beat it. Push it back. When we’re young it doesn’t pass fast enough.

When we’re old, it just won’t slow down.

Yet for all this, we can’t touch it.

We act like we keep it on our wrists, our walls, in our pockets.

But it was never ours to own. To touch.

We’ll never interact with time. All we’ll ever do is be carried along in it.

The slow march of time.

We have no control over time. Admitting the absence of control is liberating.

One less thing to worry about.

Time passes. We either use our time wisely or we don’t. We either make time a friend or an enemy. We make those decisions every day. Every moment of every day. Don’t stop to look at the moment. Don’t focus on what you cannot control. Don’t waste time regretting the time you’ve wasted. Because even though we’ll never touch time, it’s still currency. Imagine a steady stream of $1 bills passing through your hands. As soon as you’re given a new one, the old one is taken away. You can’t stockpile. You can’t ask for more. You have only a moment to spend the $1 you have or let it go to waste.

On what will you spend your $1?

On what will you spend your time?