Unrequited and It Feels So Good

by The Beardly Writer


I finally did it.

It’s not a big thing. Happens all the time. Hundreds of Thousands of times.

But this was my first time.

I was nervous. I was scared.

But it was beautiful.

I registered a script with the Writers Guild of America, West.

A teleplay, to be exact. A spec script of the television series Longmire. Episode title, “Unrequited.”

I registered it because I entered it into a teleplay contest. This one.

Do I hope it wins? Of course.

Do I think it will? I’ll be over the moon if it makes it to the quarter finals.

I’m just happy to have written something that someone else, someone who knows what they are talking about, suggested I submit it to a contest.

Because it’s registered, and because I want to, I’m posting it here for anyone to read.


Feedback welcome.