The Beardly Writer

Some write from the heart. I write from the beard.

Month: February, 2014

Goodbye Tennessee

Just arrived in Ohio, having left Tennessee. The full gravity of the situation is starting to sink in. This isn’t the first time of course, but the older I get, the more difficult it becomes. The unknown has always been an adventure to me, but the excitement of what’s ahead is shadowed by the pain of goodbyes. Still, the best is yet to come. No one is forgotten. Friends and family remain so, though removed by distance. Onward is upward, the summit awaits. I’ll see you all again at the top!


Here we go…

Writers write.

But they also listen.

My heart says write. My brain and gut say wait. Wait just one more week. You’ve a lot to do this week. Belongings to pack. Friends to see. Goodbyes to say.

Moving out of state. Moving to Ohio. For now.

It’s colder in Ohio. I like that. Slightly more room to spread out. Less bills to pay. Time to write. And meditate. And be. Time to draw in and see what’s within. The last time I did this, much was accomplished. I hope I can go two-for-two.

How long I’ll be there and where I’ll go next are anybody’s guesses.

Seven years ago I moved to Tennessee from Ohio. Now I’m going back. But is it a step backward, or forward? Time will tell. And I’ll be listening. Because writers listen.

But they also write.

Failure is Always an Option, part 2

I’ve said it before. Failure is always an option.

Don’t discount it. Don’t hate it. Don’t ignore it.

Don’t pursue it. But if it’s yours, embrace it. Own it. You made it. Figure out why.

Why did you fail? Was it because you aren’t good enough? Get better.

Was it because you didn’t try hard enough? Try harder.

Was it because you were afraid? Don’t be. What is there to be afraid of?

Are you afraid of failing? Guess what? That’s stupid, because that only ends two ways: failure, and never having tried. Which would you rather look back on? Which would you rather live with?

Are you afraid of success? Even more stupid. Yes, success has its own trials. But if you failed enough along the way, you’ll be fully prepared to deal with anything success can throw at you.

Failure hurts? Only if you let it. Your pride wants to get mad. Your ego whines and says it’s bruised. Tell them both to shut up. Only then can you hear what failure has to tell you. Failure doesn’t hurt, it helps. It motivates. It teaches. It preaches. Learn from it. Let it be your guide. It always points to success.

Failure isn’t punishment for something you’ve done wrong. Taking a calculated risk, trying something new and daring is never wrong. You aren’t wrong. You’re just not right yet. Try again.

Failure isn’t your enemy. It’s not waiting around a dark corner to take you out. Failure is your coach. It tells you what paths not to take. It tells you what plays not to make. Listen to your coach.

Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is the road to success. You aren’t on that road alone. It is the same road we all take. Look around you, there are familiar faces. It shouldn’t surprise you. There is no shortcut. You can’t skip the road. It is the same road we all take.

Failure is always, always an option. No one who succeeds hasn’t failed. Success is built on a foundation of failure.

Have you failed? Then smile. You’re on the right path.